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Epic stories of Nasa’s missions to the Moon. Season 1: the first Moon landing, Apollo 11. Season 2: the near disaster of Apollo 13. Presenter: Kevin Fong. Theme music: Hans Zimmer


27 days ago
“I still have nightmares about this.” Can the crew survive the dangers of re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere? An error could see them either incinerated or becoming lost forever in deep space. #13MinutestotheMoon For more Apollo films and photos: www.bbcworldservice.com/13minutes Presented by Kev...
3 months ago
Special episode with Nasa legend, flight controller John Aaron. This extended interview ranges from John first learning about the explosion, to his doubts and fears during Apollo 13¹s descent through the Earth¹s atmosphere. #13MinutestotheMoon Theme music by Hans Zimmer and Christian Lundberg fo...
3 months ago
Special episode with Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell. An extended interview. The true space pioneer talks to Kevin Fong about everything from the shocking moment of the explosion to the enormous relief of the splashdown. #13MinutestotheMoon Theme music by Hans Zimmer and Christian Lundberg for Ble...
3 months ago
The crew are off course, 200,000 miles from home and without a guidance computer. Their lives now depend on their flying skills - and Jim Lovell’s wristwatch. #13MinutestotheMoon For more Apollo films and photos: www.bbcworldservice.com/13minutes Presented by Kevin Fong. Archive: Nasa Starring ...
3 months ago
Producer Andrew Luck-Baker explains why the season finale will be delayed.
3 months ago
“We were being poisoned by our own exhalation.” Carbon dioxide threatens to kill the crew. Mission control must improvise as the most fragile system of all is under threat: the astronauts themselves. #13MinutestotheMoon For a film about how the crew made the makeshift CO2 adaptors: www.bbcworlds...
3 months ago
Power must be brutally rationed after the crew fly around the Moon. As systems are switched off, their cold, dark ship is reduced to little more than a husk coasting in space. #13MinutestotheMoon Watch videos about the Apollo 13 mission: www.bbcworldservice.com/13minutes Presented by Kevin Fong. ...
3 months ago
The astronauts are fighting for their lives. As the oxygen level plummets, they must escape to the lunar lander. It's a desperate act of survival for which the crew has never trained. #13MinutestotheMoon See our film about the Lovell family: www.bbcworldservice.com/13minutes Presented by Kevi...
4 months ago
“We were in deep, deep trouble.” This is Mission Control like you’ve never heard it before. After the explosion, denial and disbelief turn to dread. #13MinutestotheMoon Watch our videos: www.bbcworldservice.com/13minutes Presented by Kevin Fong. Archive: Nasa Starring: Jim Lovell Jack Lousma Ge...
4 months ago
“Houston, we’ve had a problem.” To ignite catastrophe would take just the flick of a single switch. Why Nasa’s third bid to land on the Moon was flawed from the start. #13MinutestotheMoon For videos and more space stories: www.bbcworldservice.com/13minutes Presented by Kevin Fong Archive: Nasa an...
5 months ago
Jump on-board a doomed mission to the Moon. Apollo 13: the extraordinary story, told by the people who flew it and saved it. Lift off is on 9 March. #13MinutestotheMoon Presenter: Kevin Fong Written by Kevin Fong and Andrew Luck-Baker Theme music by Hans Zimmer and Christian Lundberg for Bleeding...
6 months ago
Hans Zimmer in a special episode about creating the 13 Minutes to the Moon theme music. The Oscar and Grammy-winning composer talks music, space and the importance of knowing how to make a really good cup of coffee. He says, “All we are doing with the music is we’re opening the door a little cra...
6 months ago
Hear the full theme music from 13 Minutes to the Moon. By Hans Zimmer and produced and arranged by Christian Lundberg for Bleeding Fingers Music. #13MinutestotheMoon
12 months ago
“We choose to go.” The season finale comes from where President John F Kennedy made his famous Moon speech to rally the US behind the Apollo programme. The venue is Rice University in Houston, where we reflect on one of the greatest achievements in human history. And we consider a future return ...
12 months ago
History as it happened, uninterrupted: every word, every crackle, the tension and triumph. Hear how Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to reach the Moon. This is NASA’s archive recording of Capcom Charlie Duke’s communications loop from 20 July 1969. #13MinutestotheMoon
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