Fatal Voyage: The Death of JFK Jr.

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One fateful night John F. Kennedy Jr. boarded a private plane with his wife and sister-in-law, flying to his cousin's wedding. Only, they never made it. Was the plane crash that led to JFK Jr.'s funeral a mere accident? Or something far more sinister, swept under the rug by Camelot—like so many of their other tragedies? This next installment in the Fatal Voyage series explores the privileged life and sudden death of John F. Kennedy Jr. Discover the dark side of the Kennedys, from scandals and coverups, to JFK Jr.'s rocky marriage with Carolyn Bessette–even an elaborate kidnapping plot that forced him into hiding. Fatal Voyage: The Death of JFK Jr. is the only podcast telling the full story. Fatal Voyage: The Death of JFK Jr. is the long-anticipated third season following Diana: Case Solved and Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood. To see how we use your data, visit https://www.endeavoraudio.com/privacy-policy.


TRAILER·3 months ago
As our policy makers, medical experts, and first responders grapple with the choices forced upon us by the novel Coronavirus, doctors and hosts Dr. Zeke Emanuel and Dr. Jonathan Moreno will guide us on the codes of ethics that are the backbone of modern medicine. They will answer the key question...
S3 E12·3 months ago
The truth about John Junior’s short life and tragic death has been hidden from the world and in this final episode, we’re going to find out how… and why this happened. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
S3 E11·4 months ago
Colin and the investigative team take the exact flight that JFK Jr. took to Martha's Vineyard, to analyze in detail what happened on Junior's fateful final night. Upstart: Find out how low your rate is at Upstart.com/JFK. The Great Courses Plus: Get a full month of unlimited access for free at T...
S3 E10·4 months ago
So far we have tracked the most significant events in John Junior’s short life – now it’s time to look a little closer at the crash that killed him… and hear evidence from some of those who don’t believe it was an accident. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
S3 E9·4 months ago
Junior was living in New York in apparent blissful ignorance of the danger he was in. Not only that – he was reveling in his position as America’s most eligible bachelor. Great Courses Plus: Get a full month of unlimited access for free at TheGreatCoursesPlus.com/JFKJR Best Fiends: Download free ...
S3 E8·4 months ago
The main suspects in the JFK, Jr. kidnapping are finally ID’d. Who exactly was Griselda Blanco? What was her connection to the Kennedys? Just four years after the attempted kidnapping of John Junior was foiled, he met his death in what appeared to be a tragic accident. Could these two events be r...
S3 E7·5 months ago
Our investigation uncovers that the director of the FBI green-lit a nationwide inquiry about the kidnap attempt on Junior back in 1995. As they dig deeper, Colin and the team learn new facts and shocking twists as they expose a Columbian drug lord’s plot to kidnap one of America’s most famous men...
S3 E6·5 months ago
After the revelation of the Joe Biden death threat letter it soon becomes apparent that Junior is both vulnerable and possibly unhinged. Threats to the Kennedy family start to escalate, and while the FBI and NYPD try to sort out which threats are harmless and which are viable, Junior ignores it a...
S3 E5·5 months ago
It’s 1994 and Joe Biden is a United States senator caught up on the wrong side of several controversial, racially charged, legislative bills. A letter claiming that Joe is ‘a traitor’ and that he ‘must die’ is delivered to his office. We investigate whether this letter could have been linked to J...
S3 E4·5 months ago
To the world, Junior looks to be living the life of American royalty. Life’s good for the most handsome man in the United States, he spends his time in Manhattan bicycling around town and jaunts off to Martha’s Vineyard when he needs an escape. His confidence is so high that he goes it alone. The...
S3 E3·5 months ago
The young prince of Camelot was gone and America’s icon had faded to black. Here we track his life’s path… his many affairs with Ivy League beauties and dazzling celebrities such as Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker and Daryl Hannah. Was he following in the philandering footsteps of his father and un...
S3 E2·6 months ago
While the Kennedy’s exuded glamor, sophistication and power, they were not without their curses. Over the years, the family was beset with 16 tragedies and five plane crashes, including the death of JFK’s favored older brother Joe, all detailed here. Not only was JFK assassinated but five years l...
S3 E1·6 months ago
No image tore at the hearts of the world than that of little John-John standing alone, saluting his father’s coffin as it was paraded through Washington, D.C. A year-long investigation into his murder lead the Warren Report to conclude that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone crazed gunman. Skepticism...
TRAILER·6 months ago
Can’t get enough of FATAL VOYAGE? Our next season explores the privileged life and sudden death of John F. Kennedy Jr. Discover the dark side of Camelot - from the scandals to the coverups, from JFK Jr.'s rocky marriage with Carolyn Bessette to details of an elaborate kidnapping plot that forced ...
S2 E12·8 months ago
Colin McLaren and his team lay out all of the evidence they have accrued and search for Le Van Thanh, the driver of the white Fiat. With his team of investigative journalists, McLaren tracks Van Thanh down at his Paris home. Their conversation will blow the case wide open. To read more about Dia...
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