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18 hours ago
Dr Mike Ryan said it was unwise to make predictions. Also: Brazil's president sanctions new law making face coverings obligatory in public and a state in Florida introduces a curfew after rise in coronavirus cases.
1 day ago
Two of the Saudi nationals on trial over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi are former senior aides to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Also, centre-right mayor Jean Castex is named as the French PM after Edouard Philippe’s resignation, and how residents of US care home found pen-pal...
1 day ago
The British socialite is accused of grooming underage girls for the late sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein. She has previously denied wrongdoing. Also: Texas governor mandates the wearing of face masks, and no, a human year isn't equivalent to 7 "dog years".
2 days ago
A wave of mud and rock was triggered by heavy rain in Kachin state. Also: hundreds arrested after police in Europe crack EncroChat, and a man from Argentina sails solo across the Atlantic to reach his family during lockdown.
3 days ago
Victory would allow the Russian president to stay in power until 2036. Also: California closes bars and indoor dining after Covid-19 spike, and the core of a gas planet is seen for the first time.
3 days ago
Police seize dozens of demonstrators under new law imposed by Beijing. Pro-democracy protests were held to mark 23 years since end of British rule. Also, Russians vote in referendum which could give President Putin another 16 years in office, and why residents of a US city are urged to 'walk w...
4 days ago
The US infectious disease expert, Anthony Fauci, has said that unless the country manages to control the spread of the coronavirus, the infection rate could more than double to 100,000 cases a day from its current level of 40,000. Also: an explosion and a fire at a hospital in the Iranian capital...
4 days ago
Chinese president, Xi Jinping, signs security law providing new powers over Hong Kong; The King of Belgium has issued an unprecedented statement of regret for atrocities inflicted during colonial times in Congo; New research into child development says there is one crucial thing parents can do t...
5 days ago
The World Health Organization's chief says the pandemic is "not even close to being over". Also: lockdown tightened in English city of Leicester over Covid-19 surge, and critical Boeing 737 Max test flights begin.
5 days ago
Court finds Fillon guilty of paying wife $1.3 million dollars for work she never did. The couple are appealing against the sentences. Also, gunmen carry out deadly attack on Pakistan's stock exchange, and a 'Wild West' village goes on sale in New Zealand.
6 days ago
The video showed the president's supporters and opponents hurling abuse at one another. His spokesman said he hadn't heard the 'white power' comment. Also: A US hospital at 'breaking point', and art masterpieces on TikTok.
7 days ago
Lazarus Chakwera got nearly 60% of the vote to defeat the incumbent and become president. Also: Infections surge in reopened US sun belt states, and the psychology of queuing in lockdown.
8 days ago
The states of Florida and Texas are in lockdown again, as cases of the coronavirus surge. Also: The Pakistani government says it's starting criminal proceedings against almost thirty pilots, and archaeologists excavate the first Viking ship found in Norway in more than a hundred years.
8 days ago
Boris Johnson issues warning after huge crowds flocked to beaches on Thursday. Ministers say UK beaches could be closed if infections rise. Also, Prince Charles urges world to live in harmony with nature in response to pandemic, and NASA starts competition to design a toilet for astronauts.
9 days ago
Global health officials say the infection rate is already increasing in multiple countries that have relaxed their lockdowns. Also, one month after the killing of George Floyd, an unprecedented number of Black women are running for political office in the state where he died. And Pakistan grounds...
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