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Paul Gilmartin

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"A perversely safe place in which he and his guests talk about their fears, addictions and traumatic childhoods." - NY Times "Normalizes what so many others feel but have been too fearful or ashamed to express...remarkable" - Psychology Today "A vital, compassionate gem that fills a desperate and under-addressed need in our society." - Esquire "Gilmartin makes a conscious effort to explore stories that aren’t black and white" - Slate Magazine "Praised by listeners all over the world" - Atlantic Monthly [email protected]


S10 E28·4 days ago
The second of a two-part interview from 2011 with Paul's sober friend; a former studio projectionist, dealer, fugitive and heroin-addict.
S10 E27·11 days ago
Originally recorded in the podcast's first year (2011) Paul sat down with his support group friend; a former fugitive, ex-con drug dealer, heroin-addict 60’s hippie, who has divorced four times, what’s not to love?   So many stories this one is a two-parter.  Part 2 next week. Support Our Spon...
S10 E26·18 days ago
Paul reads submissions from listeners about the challenges in their lives.
BONUS·19 days ago
Imani State of Mind is a new podcast from Stitcher that demystifies mental health and wellness in an accessible and approachable way. Dr. Imani Walker (Bravo’s Married to Medicine) equips listeners with the right language and tools to normalize this stigmatized topic, in addition to finding laugh...
S10 E25·25 days ago
Paul's support group friend shares about her experiences as a black woman in America, her addiction to unavailable men, the wreckage of her acting out sexually and being a child in Atlanta during the Atlanta child murders. Support Our Sponsors! This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp online...
S10 E24·1 month ago
Paul's friend and fellow comedian/podcaster (Learning Not To Swear) returns to talk about George Floyd's murder, systemic racism, the police, looting, being a black father in America and the pandemic. Follow Ted on IG and TW @TedLyde FaceBook Learning Not ...
S10 E23·1 month ago
Paul reads new surveys about racism and replays a 2012 interview with listener and now-retired policeman who shares his thoughts on, and experiences in, law enforcement. Support Our Sponsors! This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp online counseling.  To get a free week go to www.BetterHelp...
S10 E22·2 months ago
The psychiatrist shares her experience in deciding when it's appropriate to prescribe meds, diagnosing ADD/ADHD, the difference between role and identify, being Korean-American and children who want to transition. Links provided by Dr. Park Supp...
S10 E21·2 months ago
The licensed therapist @KatieVernoy returns to answers listener's questions about a variety of topics but mostly about ways to handle the pandemic emotionally and mentally. More About Our Guest social:
S10 E20·2 months ago
The graphic novelist (Rx) opens up about her battles with Bipolar I, being involuntarily committed, and having been an ad account executive creating a campaign for the very pill she was taking, participating in the "commercialization of my own suffering." More about Rachel.  Instagram: @rlinds...
S10 E19·2 months ago
Having studied and worked with thousands of people with PTSD from combat, sexual, physical or emotional trauma, the Stanford faculty psychiatrist shares her 20 years of insights on PTSD. Dr. Jain's website is Her book is called The Unspeakable Mind. Support Our Spo...
S10 E18·2 months ago
Paul shares some stories of people battling shame (especially around their bodies) and reads from the Loves, Happy Moments and Awfulsome moments surveys. Support Our Sponsors! This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp online counseling.  To get a free week go to  Must be 1...
S10 E17·3 months ago
Paul reads listener experiences around their mental/emotional struggles and victories -some serious some humorous- including the Covid crisis. Support Our Sponsors! This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp online counseling.  To get a free week go to  Must be 18. This epi...
S10 E16·3 months ago
The blogger/author returns to open up about dealing with the strain of being fired, perpetually broke and in debt while trying to provide for his family. More About Our Guest Check out his podcast Travolta/Cage and buy his books www.NathanRabi...
S10 E15·3 months ago
Another installment of Paul reading anonymous surveys submitted by listeners about their mental and emotional ups and downs during the pandemic as well as things they love. Support Our Sponsors! This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp online counseling.  To get a free week go to
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