Small Town Murder

James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman

Since Jan 2017·180 episodes

Two comedians look at a small town, what makes it tick, and a murder that took place there. In depth research, horrible tragedy, and the hosts' comedic spin on the whole thing. New episodes every Thursday!!


3 days ago
This week, in Middle River, Maryland, a troubled man, who is rightfully called "pure evil" at many points in his life, gives up on trying to make a go of a normal existence, and decides to go on a killing spree. He is cruel, angry, and completely out of his mind.  When he is caught, he not only c...
10 days ago
This week, in Verdigre, Nebraska, a rural farm is the setting for a tale that seems simple enough, until you begin to unravel the layers. This story has it all, sex, lies, murder... and a pig, named Arthur.  In the end, one person is dead, and one person has quite the story to tell. Will her own ...
17 days ago
This week, in Gaffney, South Carolina, it looks like a typical domestic dispute, ended in an unusual way, when a woman is found, naked, and strangled, in the middle of the street.  Her husband seems to be the culprit, and is convicted, but everything becomes unclear when a local newspaper editor ...
24 days ago
This week, in Newville, Pennsylvania, local Wal-Mart employees find love, but things don't go as planned, when a new woman starts work in the photo department. What ends up happening couldn't have been predicted by anyone as it turns into a heinous murder, and completely inept cover up. Things do...
1 month ago
This week, in Belle Terre, New York, a wealthy couple is found dead, in their own home. The only other person in the house is their adopted teenage son, who makes a full confession, including the motive of being angry about not getting a new sports car. Case closed. Right? Not even close. What fo...
1 month ago
This week, in Marmaduke, Arkansas, two couples become close friends, and even more, until a proposition for an unconventional "business proposition" turns certain people against certain others.  In the end, the only solution is... someone has to die.  The question is, will the right person suffer...
1 month ago
This week, in Chubbuck, Idaho, two young men, seeking the infamy of their serial killer heroes for themselves, they set out to make a mark on the world, with murder.  Luckily for police, they brazenly document most of their own thoughts, actions, and confessions on video, that is found after the ...
2 months ago
This week, in Decatur, Alabama, a young widow, with an infant daughter finds love with a new husband, but he doesn't quite provide her with the lifestyle she desires, so she decides to leave him.  He does everything he can to find her, and finally gives up. What happens next still has people talk...
2 months ago
This week, we bring you an extra special bonus episode!! We line up 4 bachelors & 4 bachelorettes, and pick one of each as the winner of a hypothetical date! The catch is, they're all incarcerated violent felons, and Jimmie doesn't know what they've done until after he picks them. After that sele...
2 months ago
This week, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, a troubled pair of brothers end up renting a run down house that becomes a magnet for runaway teens, troubled adults & even whatever drifter wanders through.  One of the brothers decides that this is the perfect opportunity to start a vampire cult. He sort of s...
2 months ago
This week, in Layland, West Virginia, police come upon a dead man, dangling by one foot, off of a local bridge, while people are observed fleeing the scene.  How that man got there is one of the craziest stories ever told.  A tale of violence, anger, untold stupidity, and little remorse.  Then ag...
2 months ago
This week, in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, England, a troubled young man finds his idols, when he reads books about serial killers like Jack The Ripper, and The Yorkshire Ripper.  He tells everyone who will listen about his plans to match their deeds & infamy.  Will he accomplish his goals, or be...
3 months ago
This week, in Antelope, California, when a young woman is found, dead, on the side of the road, with some very unusual clues, police wonder if it could have been an ex-boyfriend, or even a budding serial killer, but they could never have suspected what actually happened.  When facts come together...
3 months ago
This week, in American Fork, Utah, when two brothers from a very interesting background get excommunicated from the local church, they form their own belief system.  These beliefs include some VERY weird things, to say the least, including several people who God has apparently told them to murder...
3 months ago
This week, in Port Penn, Delaware, a woman's Sunday night out to pick up a sex tape from an ex-boyfriend, and skating at the local roller skating rink turns into a case of a missing person, then quickly becomes a murder investigation.  What follows is a mess of lies, excuses, alliances, and court...
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