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1 day ago
As most of England eases lockdown, we ask: is the government making the right move?Guest: Sir David King, former chief scientific advisor, chair of the Independent SAGE.Host: Manveen Rana. Clips used: Independent SAGE, ITN, BBC, PBS.Additional music: Komiku, Monplaisir, Scott Holme...
3 days ago
As the Robert Jenrick planning scandal unfolded, investigative reporter Gabriel Pogrund wanted to speak directly with one of the men at the centre: Richard Desmond.  The former newspaper owner and porn publisher has had a unique career.  So who is he, and how did he get close to th...
4 days ago
A trade deal between Britain and America has been held up as one of the major advantages of the UK exiting the European Union. But the disruption wrought by coronavirus and political turmoil in America are threatening to derail any prospect of a swift agreement being reached. Meanwhile, Britain a...
5 days ago
Much about the virus remains a mystery. Today, we catch up on everything we’ve learned about the virus so far - and the big unknowns - with The Times' science editor. Could a second spike in the UK be on its way?Guest: Tom Whipple, science editor for The TimesHost: Manveen Rana.Cli...
6 days ago
The former USA Gymnastics team doctor is now a convicted child sex offender, behind bars for 175 years. You might think that was where the story ended. But for many survivors, his sentencing was just the beginning of a long fight for justice in the sport they love. Guests: Rebecca Myers...
9 days ago
1 in 5 men in the UK say they don't have any close friends. Stig Abell is one of them. What are the obstacles to making friends as an adult, and could a psychotherapist help him find answers?Guests: Nadine Abell, Stig's wife.Cate Campbell, Psychotherapist and relationship counsellor.Xand van...
10 days ago
This week Manveen and David take a break as Times Radio presenters host the podcast, ahead of the launch of the station on the 29th June.For Luke Jones, going to the theatre has been an almost weekly part of his life for as long as he can remember. That is, until the coronavirus lockdown began, a...
11 days ago
The images of Ukrainian babies waiting in a hotel for their biological parents to collect them during lockdown, were broadcast all over the world. Today, we go inside the global surrogacy industry and explore how the pandemic has disrupted the system. Guests: -Olga Pysana...
12 days ago
This week Manveen and David take a break as Times Radio presenters host the podcast, ahead of the launch of the station on the 29th June. Since the death of George Floyd, black families around the world have been considering how to cope with the impact of recent news about race and racist killing...
13 days ago
The government's Covid-19 contact tracing system is key to helping contain the spread of the virus, but is it fit for purpose?   Guests: Billy Kenber, Investigations reporter at The Times.Anonymous contact tracerHost: John Pienaar.  See for privacy ...
16 days ago
This month German police have identified a convicted sex offender as a prime suspect in the case of the missing British girl - last seen in the Algarve in 2007.Guest: David Collins, Sunday Times Northern Correspondent.Host: David Aaronovitch. Clips: Sky News, ITV, ABC, BBC, 7NEWS A...
17 days ago
For years, many elite black athletes felt they had to hold back from commenting on race and racism. Today multi-Olympic gold medallist Edwin Moses speaks out. Host: Manveen RanaGuests:Edwin Moses, Double Olympic 400m Hurdles championDavid Walsh, Sunday Times Chief Sports ...
18 days ago
A business offering instant loans to struggling small businesses has been accused of using aggressive and unethical tactics. 76-year-old widow Jill Eade acted as guarantor on a loan with the company. Now, she faces the prospect of homelessness, and repayments of up to 300 thousand pounds. Gu...
19 days ago
What happened to the passengers and crew on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship, when there was an outbreak of coronavirus in February?   Guests: Katie Glass, feature writer for the Sunday Times.Host: David Aaronovitch.Clips: Sky, BBC, Channel 4 News, Princess Cruises Youtu...
20 days ago
Policing in the US is under the spotlight more than ever. A city in New Jersey has cut crime and won the support of its citizens by scrapping its police force and rebuilding from scratch. Could it be a blueprint to heal an angry nation?Guests: Josh Glancy is Washington Bureau Chief for ...
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