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In Season 2 we look at a world just as shady and mysterious as MLMs, but one whose promises are at times even more bombastic and unfathomable: WELLNESS. What is it? Who sells it? And will it bring you eternal happiness…and, perhaps, eternal life? Hear more great stories about complicated people from Witness Docs at


BONUS·8 days ago
Unfinished: Deep South is a new historical true crime podcast produced by Witness Docs that races to resolve the unfinished business of a small Arkansas town by starting with one question: who lynched Isadore Banks? Sixty-six years after the murder a wealthy African American farmer and WWI vet...
BONUS·4 months ago
We’re bringing you a special clip from Verified, a new investigative true crime podcast from Stitcher. Season one of Verified tells the story of a group of fearless women from around the world who band together with a team of Italian reporters to bring a policeman turned sexual predator to ...
S2 E10·4 months ago
Who do you trust in a world with little information?
S2 E9·5 months ago
How a few bad seeds became a movement.
S2 E8·5 months ago
These Shills and Sugar Pills will make you feel better. 
S2 E7·5 months ago
Influencing a new generation of wellness. 
S2 E6·5 months ago
The road to wellness is paved with particles and protons.
S2 E5·6 months ago
Welcome to one of the cutest cults of wellness.
S2 E4·6 months ago
What happens when no one is looking out for you?
S2 E3·6 months ago
Can powders, pills and juices deliver on the promise to live longer and look younger?
7 months ago
Opportunity might still be knocking… we’ll be back with new episodes in January.
S2 E2·7 months ago
Take a walk and find a crystal. Who knows, it might just heal you.
S2 E1·7 months ago
Products and cures you can’t find at the doctor might just be the medicine you want.
8 months ago
Oils, crystals, juices and more have been said to bring us eternal happiness and health- but how much of that is based in truth? Who benefits and loses from the wellness industry as a whole? We’ll be talking to some familiar voices and new ones about broader questions like these in Season 2...
9 months ago
Leaving an MLM can be the hardest part of the business.    This is 4 of 4 bonus episodes we’re releasing as additional reporting from season 1.
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