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6 hours ago
On the Gist, Trump at Mount Rushmore. In the interview, making a strong case for reparations among descendants of enslaved African Americans is economist William Darity, Jr in his new book, From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century. Darity suggests that th...
4 days ago
On the Gist, the greatness that will remain long after we’re gone. In the interview, we present part two of Mike’s conversation with John McWhorter on the linguistics of race, defining ‘Defund the Police,’ and how words we use today will morph over time. WcWhorter is the host of Lexicon Valley an...
5 days ago
On the Gist, the McCloskeys in Missouri. In the first part of this two-part interview, John McWhorter is here to dig into definitions with Mike. They discuss how the meanings of racism and white supremacy have changed over the years, and what that says about the ways culture is shifting. McWhorte...
6 days ago
On the Gist, there is no question these men needed to breathe. In the interview, Maria Konnikova is back for “Is That Bullshit?” She and Mike discuss the scientific preprints published on Covid-19 and call out the credible and those rife with misinformation. How can you trust them? Maria’s newest...
7 days ago
On the Gist, paying the Taliban and not believing the New York Times. In the interview, the around-the-clock news cycle turns 40 years old this summer. With the advent of cable television and a bright idea from an American media mogul, CNN was born. Journalist and author, Lisa Napoli, talks with ...
10 days ago
On the Gist, Disney’s Splash Mountain. In part two of their interview, Mike continues to talk with Matthew Barge about the failure of police departments to gather data and statistics that would help create and enforce meaningful policing policy change. Barge is a lawyer, a principal consultant wi...
11 days ago
On the Gist, Biden is in the lead. In the first part of a two-part interview, Mike talks with police practices and civil rights expert Matthew Barge about how policy has failed to change how law enforcement agencies police communities, how police unions have played a huge role in where we find ou...
12 days ago
On the Gist, interruption by ring knocking. In the interview, Mike is joined by Lawrence Douglas, author of Will He Go?: Trump and the Looming Election Meltdown in 2020, a page-turning book of what-ifs and premonitions of constitutional chaos if Trump decides to give America a hard time at the en...
13 days ago
On the Gist, refocusing our attention to local democracy. In the interview, Mike talks with Seth Stevenson, author of Grounded: A Down to Earth Journey Around the World and host of Slate’s newest business podcast Thrilling Tales of Modern Capitalism. Seth’s new podcast delves into the backstories...
14 days ago
On the Gist, lack of humor in the Trump administration. In the interview, Mike talks with Maria Konnikova, star of our bi-weekly segment “Is That Bullshit?” This time, however, Maria is here to discuss her newest book about becoming a professional poker player. Already a New York Times bestseller...
18 days ago
On the Gist, Trump’s ignorance. In the interview, Mike talks with Josh Levin, Slate’s national editor. A co-host of the sports podcast Hang Up and Listen, Levin is also the author of The Queen: The Forgotten Life Behind an American Myth. Mike and Josh discuss Levin’s latest audio project as host ...
19 days ago
On the Gist, an officer cooperates. In the interview, Mike talks with co-host of Slate’s Political Gabfest, CBS 60 Minutes correspondent and contributing editor at the Atlantic, John Dickerson. His new book on the American Presidency, The Hardest Job In The World, details that there are no bluepr...
20 days ago
On the Gist, fireworks and progress. In the interview, Mike talks with data scientist Jeffery Morris of the University of Pennsylvania. They talk data analysis and models related to Covid-19, his predictions for states’ reopening, and his interpretations of updated CDC guidelines. You can follow ...
21 days ago
On the Gist, Trump doesn’t want to confront sins, he would rather perpetuate them. In the interview, Mike talks with incumbent Rep. Don Bacon from Nebraska’s 2nd District about how Covid-19 has altered his campaign strategy leading up to the election. They also discuss the protesting and looting ...
24 days ago
On the Gist, the stock market is on a coronavirus coaster. In the interview, Dr. Christina Greer of Fordham University is here to talk with Mike about politics and police reform. They discuss Joe Biden, if police unions should continue to exist, and what the future of policing could look like. Gr...
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