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We live in a winner-take-all economy that’s bifurcating into those who are part of the innovation economy and those who aren’t. Every week best-selling author, professor and entrepreneur Scott Galloway answers questions from you (his listeners) on who’s winning and losing, and how you can get ahead. Other professors, practitioners, and entrepreneurs join Scott to contribute ideas, alternate opinions, and insights to help you thrive at work. Tune in for a no mercy, no malice take on how you can level up your game in the world of business. To submit a question, email a voice recording to [email protected]


E16·2 days ago
Scott begins by breaking down the business move we’re all thinking about: Lululemon buying Mirror for $500,000. Adam Alter then joins Scott to discuss behavioral addiction during COVID, the power of positive rewards and who should be held accountable for addictive technology, as well as how we sh...
E15·9 days ago
Scott discusses how the Tech Giants will see a snapback in their US advertising revenue, as well as how the disruption to higher education has already begun and why universities need to rethink their plans. Scott also brings on Jim McKelvey, the co-founder of Square, to hear his ideas around inno...
E14·16 days ago
Geoffrey Miller, an evolutionary psychologist and associate professor of psychology at the University of New Mexico, joins Scott to discuss effective altruism, virtue signaling, and existential risks to humanity. Scott also shares his thoughts on Walmart’s partnership with Shopify and his worries...
E13·23 days ago
Dorothy A. Brown, professor of law at Emory University, joins Scott to contextualize what’s happening with the protests and poses some solutions for leaders in the corporate world. Scott also shares some observations about why we’re seeing a record number of new online brokerage accounts, the sto...
E12·1 month ago
Professor and Dean Emeritus of NYU Stern School of Business and economist, Peter Henry, joins Scott to discuss the inevitability of the moment we’re in surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, systemic racism, and injustice. Henry also serves on a variety of boards, including Nike, and shares...
E11·1 month ago
Scott discusses why the optimism around when life can resume to normalcy is problematic, as well as how vaccination is going to become an industry that creates trillions of dollars in shareholder value. He also shares why he thinks HBO Max is the worst brand move in the last 20 years.  Our guest ...
E10·1 month ago
Sam Harris joins Scott to discuss current economic constructs, America’s failure to lead during the pandemic, and what’s to come on the other side of this crisis. Harris also shares ways to live a more thoughtful and open life. This week’s Office Hours cover the long term effects of the stimulus ...
E9·2 months ago
Scott brings on Paul Rabil, professional athlete and cofounder of the Premier Lacrosse League, to hear how he pivoted his business during this time and his advice to other entrepreneurs whose businesses are essentially paralyzed right now. Scott also discusses the second-order effects you should ...
E8·2 months ago
Josh Brown joins Scott to share his thoughts on PPP and how you should be assessing the stock market. Scott also discusses the difference between tech giants Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, and why Amazon is positioned for the biggest unlock in recent business history. Today’s Algebra of Happiness: Sto...
E7·2 months ago
Scott Galloway discusses the need for a Corona Corps and also shares his conversation with Stephanie Ruhle, NBC News Business Correspondent and MSNBC Anchor, to hear how she’s navigated her career. And of course, Scott answers your questions and wraps up with Algebra of Happiness.
E6·2 months ago
Scott Galloway gives the state of play on The Four post corona and also sits down with Senator Michael Bennet to discuss politics during a pandemic, relief packages, and Tiger King
E5·3 months ago
Scott Harrison, Founder and CEO of charity: water, discusses the state of nonprofits, leadership, and gratitude. Scott Galloway also answers listener questions about gap years, Lululemon, and advertising.
E4·3 months ago
Scott Galloway discusses education in a post-corona world. He also sits down with Tim Armstrong, Founder and CEO of the DTX company, to discuss technology, DTC winners and losers, and leadership during COVID-19.
E3·3 months ago
Scott Galloway discusses caring for family, the impact of our population’s health on the economy, and an MBA in a post-corona world. He also sits down with Matthew Frieman, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Maryland, to discuss the state of play of COVID-19 a...
E2·3 months ago
Jonathan Haidt, social psychologist, author, and NYU professor, discusses the psychological and social impact of COVID-19. Scott also answers listener questions about investing, entrepreneurship, and education in a post-corona world.
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